Mansfield Instep

Vicar Water January 2022

Change of Constitution

Difficulties created by Covid mean we need to run the group in a more informal way.
We will no longer be publishing a programme of walks, these will now be available on our website, Facebook or ask when attending a walk.
We hope this will not affect your enjoyment of the walks and we will be pleased to receive any suggestions on the way forward.

Back Together Again


Thanks to the new online registration system we now have 138 registered members.  Registered walkers can turn up as usual at the start of each walk.  Please ensure that you have your EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD with you on each walk and/or have your contact's number on your phone labelled ICE (in case of emergency).

The link below is to register to become a member.


Please read the Safe Walks advice below as the risk of contracting Covid remains. However, outdoor exercise at a safe distance is important to keep healthy so we hope to maintain our programme, with an update later.

Safe Walks Advice

Covid regulations have meant that we have had to re register existing walkers to ensure we have your current contact details.  This can be completed via the link on the Home page.

Covid 19 means we need to take extra measures in the way we organize walks, to keep each other safe.

  1. Choosing a walk

You may want to try a shorter or easier route if you haven’t been walking as much as you usually would.

Walks may have limited spaces available.

  1.   Before the walk

If you have Covid 19 symptoms you must not attend the group walk.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions.

Bring your own sanitizer, face covering and basic first aid kit.

  1. On the walk

Register your attendance with the leader.


Listen to the walk leader’s briefing so you know what to do and follow the latest guidelines.

Follow government guidelines on social distancing.

Avoid touching gates and stiles where possible.

Do not share food and drink, or equipment such as walking poles.

When other walkers are passing remember to stand back and give way.  Let a leader know if you are having problems.

4.  After the walk

If you have symptoms apply for a Covid 19 test and support NHS contact tracing if required.

Walks and Events Calendar

Our walks are free and take place on Monday and Thursday mornings at 10, and last about two hours.

They are 4.5 to 6 miles in length, and termed 'Progressive' in the Ramblers/Macmillan classification.

Details of dates and venues will appear on the Walks Programme page of this website and on Google calendar.

Click on an event title below to see more details


We are grateful for support from:-


And also Whaley Thorns Heritage Centre, and the public houses who allow us to use their car parks as meeting places.