Mansfield Instep

INSTEP - New Constitution from 1st March 2015

1. Name

The name for this health walking group is Mansfield InStep.

2. Aim

To provide a programme of guided walks in and around Mansfield for those who need guidance and support in finding the opportunities for walking and socialising in order to improve and maintain their health and well being

3. Objectives

a) To develop a programme of risk-assessed walks which provide a variety of routes to cater for the needs of walkers

b) To produce a programme of walks and publicise them widely, especially via health service providers

c) To arrange accredited training for the walk leaders

d) To maintain an awareness of the needs and abilities of individual walkers, and offer support in progress toward their goals

e) To foster the development of a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support within the group, including other activities beneficial for this purpose

4. Powers

a) Raise money to achieve the objectives so long as it does not break the law

b) Take on and support volunteers to do the work

c) Work as partners with other organisations who have similar objectives or who can support InStep’s objectives, and give and gain mutual advice

d) Set up other groups to advise InStep if the committee think that necessary

e) Do all that is necessary to achieve the objectives provided no laws are wilfully broken

f) Ensure that InStep has full insurance to protect the organisation, the members and officers, and the Management Committee

5. Membership

a) Individuals who are at least 18 years of age, who agree with the objectives.  These may become members on completion of a registration form

b) Every member registered at least three months before will have one vote at the AGM and any extra-ordinary general meeting

c) Members who registered more than one year before the previous AGM must have remained active in the current year

d) The Management Committee can, if they have good reason and 60% agree, cancel the membership of any person.  This person can appeal to the committee, with the support of a friend if wanted

6. Management Committee

a) This will be made up of:

i) The elected officers

ii) All qualified leaders

iii) Co-opted members of InStep.  People can be co-opted at a Management Committee meeting but cannot vote at such meetings

b) A member of the Management Committee shall cease to hold office if he/she:

i) Becomes incapable by reason of illness, injury or mental disorder of carrying out their duties

ii) Fails to turn up for meetings for 6 months and has not given good reason to the committee and the committee decides to remove them

iii) Gives notice of resignation

7. Elected Officers and their Duties

 These will be elected at the AGM and comprise:

a) Chair

i) Will lead meetings of the committee and the organisation

ii) Will act as principal spokesperson on public occasions or when representation is being made to public bodies

b) Vice-chair

i) Will assist the Chair and take-over in his/her absence

c) Secretary

i) Will prepare the agenda for all meetings, in conjunction with the Chair

ii) Will take and keep minutes of all meetings, these to be approved for accuracy at the start of the next meeting

iii) Will collect and distribute information on all matters affecting the organisation

d) Treasurer

i) Will handle the financial dealings of the organisation and provide a statement of accounts at the meetings

ii) Will ensure that proper accounts are kept with regard to all monies received and paid out by the organisation, and arrange for these accounts to be independently audited prior to the AGM

iii) Will ensure that any conditions of use stipulated by a donating source are adhered to and will prepare monitoring reports for the donor if required

iv) If funds have a period within which they must be used, the treasurer will ensure that this is complied with and that unused funds are returned if necessary

8. Meetings of the Management Committee

a) The Committee shall meet at least four times per year

b) The Chair and two other committee members can call a meeting at any time, giving other members reasonable notice

c) The Chair will chair the meetings: in his/her absence the Vice-chair will act

d) A quorum will consist of four or more members, at least one of whom must be an elected officer

e) Decisions will be made by voting; the Chair will have a casting vote in the event of a tie

f) Minutes will be taken and recorded electronically or in the Minute Book

g) The Committee may have one or more sub-committees, each with at least three committee members.  This sub-committee must report to the Management Committee regularly

9. Annual General Meeting

a) InStep will hold an AGM in January each year, or as soon as possible thereafter

b) The Management Committee organises the AGM.  The secretary of InStep must publicise notice of the meeting at least four weeks in advance and make available, on request, copies of the minutes of the previous meeting

c) The meeting will be presided over by the Chair, or Vice-chair in his/her absence

d) Report and statement of accounts will be presented by the Management Committee for the previous year

e)  Honorary Officers will be elected for the coming year; voting shall be via the majority of those present and entitled to vote.  Any new nominations for the Elected Officers must be advised in writing at least two weeks before the AGM

f) An extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the Officers, giving fourteen days notice and specifying the nature of the business of the meeting

g) The secretary shall record the minutes of the meeting

10. Accounts

a) Accounts of InStep shall be prepared annually and examined independently

b) Bank accounts in which assets are held shall be in the name of InStep

c) All cheques and orders for payment of money from such accounts shall be signed by two members of the management committee, the treasurer preferably being one of these. Three or four members per account will be named at the AGM, including the treasurer.  Electronic payments must be approved by two of the named account members.

d) Monies given to the group must be used to further the objectives of the group

11. Dissolution

 If the Management Committee decides that it is necessary to dissolve InStep, a meeting must be called, with twenty-one days notice.  The proposal to dissolve must be confirmed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting.  After settling any debts or liabilities of InStep, any assets will be passed to a not-for-profit organisation or charity in Nottinghamshire with similar aims

Signatories:  S. M Holland, P.K.Breedon          Date 27/01/2015