Mansfield Instep

Covid restrictions mean the Mansfield InStep January 2021 AGM will be postponed until later in the year

27.01.2020 InStep AGM

Members Present: Committee: Sheelagh Holland, Robert Murray, Joanna Scanlon, John Strong, Jane Kockum, David Chamberlain, David Perry, Lesley Perry, Pat Tomlinson, Michael Tomlinson, Alec Seels, Marlene Mee, David Neale, Colin Lees, Pam Breedon, David Hutchins.

Walkers: Linda Copley, Alan Sowter, John Berrill, Janet Barnfather, Jaci Sanders, Gary Adams, Clem Hallam, Pat Eadson, Audrey Barnes, Graham Beardsley, Colin Barksby, John Brown, Sarah Spurry, Alan Bramall, Suzanne Riley, Pam Whalley.

Apologies: Tom Buckley. 

Minutes of AGM 2019: Read as correct.

Proposed: John Strong Seconded: .Jane Kockum.

Matters Arising: None.

Chairman’s Report: David Perry.

Thank you all for coming – a good turn out again. To start with the officers for this year we had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and the election took place of the officers for this year. Sheelagh has again been elected for vice chairman, Lesley treasurer, Jo as the secretary and I must say they all do a smashing job for Instep. I have been elected Chairman. Pat Tomlinson took over looking after the web site this year thank you Pat. Marlene still does the liaison with the venues, where ever we go she rings the pub etc so thank you Marlene. Phil and Sheelagh do all the walks programmes and they put a lot of work into the walks with reccies etc with input from the other walk leaders, John Strong’s done one or two so thank you very much again.

Total number of walks this year were 146, we had two cancellations one at Kirkby Parks which was due to snow and the other one was at Palterton which I think was in November due to very heavy rains, but even on these days we get walkers turning up and walk leaders so we did an unofficial walk on those two walks, so thank you to the walk leaders who did these walks.

Our first social event was 14th May and John Strong very kindly organised a trip to Whitby, the weather was excellent for a change and it was one of those days that was great.There was a three mile walk from the railway carriages and Dave Hutchins did the coastal walk with another walker, with the rest of the group spending the day in Whitby. It was John Strong’s first trip and I think we had a full coach as well with Jaci and Pam assisting with the booking of the coach. Jo helped with the raffle.

The second social event we had was the Christmas Market trip to Birmingham – the weather was nice and better than when we went to Chester the year before. We filled the bus again.

 On 19th December there was the Christmas lunch again at the South Forest which Marlene kindly arranged for us and again that was a lovely day – the venue was nice, we had a good crowd of people, the meal was nice and everybody who went enjoyed it and I didn’t hear any complaints. Thanks to Marlene and to all who wrapped prizes, which Sheelagh stored. Thanks also to all who donated raffle prizes. We thought we might change the venue but with it working out with everybody enjoying it we’ve decided to keep it at Edwinstowe with December 17th 2020 being the next one. Thank you to everyone who sold and bought raffle tickets

David Chamberlain did an unofficial walk at Teversal where nine walkers enjoyed a muddy walk. We had three mince pies and mulled wine days leading up to Christmas with Pam organising the carols. Thank you to all who prepared the mulled wine, carried it with them and made the days enjoyable.

John Strong has now got the bug for arranging trips so he’s kindly arranged another one at Scarborough on 12th May; we are not taking names yet but there are 40 already.  Marlene has arranged the Christmas Lunch but won’t be taking bookings till August/September.

I would just like to thank all the walk leaders and walkers who turn out in all weathers rain, snow and we’ve had some rain lately and mud, we’ve still been getting a good turn out. On our register we have about 149 current walkers that attend qiute regular with 489 on the data base; we have 20 walk leaders though some cannot come all the time. The newest this year was David Chamberlain and out of the 146 walks David has done 120 which is unbelievable. Sheelagh and Rob have each done 107.Thanks to Jo for her secretarial work where this month she has had two lots of minutes to do. Thank you again to all the walkers who come as there are other walking clubs which some walkers do as well, especially when it’s raining and muddy, we would like to thank you all very much.

Please contact Jo’ if you would like to receive a full copy of the minutes of this meeting.


28.01.2019 InStep AGM

David Perry (chairman) expressed his pleasure at the good turnout, when 20 walkers and 16 walk leaders attended our 16th AGM at the Rufford. He mentioned that in 2018 we increased the names on our database by 23 to 456. We completed 144 walks, with numbers averaging in the 30’s, the highest attendance being 51 (one of the mulled wine and mince pie days). Only 3 walks were cancelled due to bad weather, and this was somewhat remedied by a couple of unofficial walks put on to avoid withdrawal symptoms during holiday periods.

Outings were to Stratford upon Avon, and the Chester Christmas market, and the year completed as usual with a convivial lunch.

We have welcomed 3 new walk leaders: Pat and Michael Tomlinson, and David Hutchins. Pat has also taken over management of the InStep Website. Our funds are in good order thanks to 2 donations and your own generous support of our outings and raffles.

The walks report noted we have 30 regular walks, gaining Annesley and losing Cuckney.

All Executive officers for the year were re-elected, so remain: Dave Perry, Chairman; Sheelagh Holland, Vice Chairman; Lesley Perry, Treasurer; Joanna Scanlon, Secretary.

Please contact Jo’ if you would like to receive a full copy of the minutes of this meeting.


22.01.2018 InStep AGM 

Election of Officers: Chairman, Dave Perry; Vice Chair, Sheelagh Holland; Treasurer, Lesley Perry; Secretary, Jo Scanlon.  Minutes of the meeting may be requested through the secretary.


23.01.2017 InStep AGM  

This was held at the Rufford.  Pam was re-elected for her second term of office as Chairman; Dave Perry Vice Chairman; Jo Scanlon Secretary; Lesley Perry Treasurer.  

Thanks were given to the officers stepping down - Alec Seels who had very kindly supported Pam in the position of Vice Chairman for a year, but had no interest in proceeding to the chair; Jaci Sanders who gave us two years as secretary under the most difficult circumstances; and sadly Andy, who had served as our impeccable and steady handed treasurer since the groups inception.  

Anyone requiring a copy of the minutes please contact the secretary through the contact page on the website, and they will be emailed to you when they become available.


26.02.2016 InStep AGM



After 6 happy and successful years Sheelagh stood down as our Chairman and Pam was elected.

Sheelagh was presented with flowers, a theatre ticket, and Kindle Paper White in recognition of her sterling contribution to our continued development.  We wish Pam every success in her new role.

Minutes of the AGM are available from the secretary.