Mansfield Instep

Farnsfield March 2020

Fountaindale February 2020

About Us

  • Our walks are free and need no booking - just come along
  • We walk on Monday, Thursday and Sunday mornings at 10 for about 2 hours
  • The walks average between 4.5 and 6 miles
  • No specialist equipment is required except for good footwear and waterproof clothing.  A bottle of water is advisable, particularly in hot weather
  • Walks are led by trained walk leaders, most with basic first aid skills
  • There are around 30 different routes within a ten mile radius of Mansfield
  • The average walk is attended by 25 - 40 walkers, depending on the weather

Although maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health are the main targets of the group, the development of strong camaraderie is seen as vital to support this. For many walkers it is the companionship which is most important, for example after bereavement or marital breakdown, redundancy or retirement or moving into a new area. Others join because they enjoy the countryside but do not like to walk alone or lack confidence to explore new terrain.

The Social Committee has developed a programme of activities including the Christmas lunch and coach trips. These are funded by the participants and are a real bonus to the members.

New walk leaders bring fresh ideas and are welcome. Training is free and takes places over one day. If you walk with us and are interested please talk about it to one of the walk leaders. 

The Executive Committee of InStep Walking Group

  • Chairman:-David Perry
  • Vice Chairman:- Sheelagh Holland (Programmes, routes)
  • Secretary:- Joanna Scanlon
  • Treasurer:- Lesley Perry

Walk Leaders

  • Pam Breedon (Website photos, register)
  • Tom Buckley
  • David Chamberlain
  • David Hutchins
  • Jane Kockum 
  • Colin Lees
  • Marlene Mee (Mobile phone, venue liaison)
  • Robert Murray
  • David Neale
  • Phil Proffitt (Walks Coordinator, programmes)
  • Alec Seels (Uniforms)
  • John Strong (First aid, walkie talkies)
  • Michael Tomlinson
  • Patricia Tomlinson (Website, Google Calendar)